Monday, August 25, 2008

My First Blog!

Wow! I am finally in the 21st century! I keep seeing all these cute blogs pages, and decided it was time to start one for my family. So here is my story! Clark and I have been married for about 14 and a half years and it's gone by so fast! We live in Springville, and Clark and I both work full time for Central Utah Water Conservancy District. Clark is the Operations and Maintenance guy for the Spanish Fork structures, and I work in the records department. He has worked for them 10 years this September, and I'm a newbie with only 2 years this October. Before the district I worked for 12 years between Mountain View Hospital and Timpanogos Hospital as the computer software support. My job phased out 2 years ago, and hence the career change! I also have my real estate license, but as those of you who live in Utah county know, it is a dead market!

It has been an exciting, and scary year for our family. My brother Robb was called to serve in Iraq with the national guard in June 2007. He was stationed at a "holding facility" where Iraq prisoners were held. He says it was a life changing year (of course) and we are all happy he is now safely home on friendly soil, well Logan anyway! With the life changing turn in my brother's life, I decided it was time to change mine. When I stepped on the scale and realized I weighed more than I had at 9 months pregnant, it was time for a BIG change! I have since lost 40 pounds (with about 20 more to go), and completed my first ever triathlon! I am now getting ready for the Spanish Fork Half marathon on September 6th!

On to the kids..... we have a 14 (will be 15 in October) year old son Caleb who just started 9th grade. He is a great kid, and ends up on the honor roll every term. He is already taking 12th grade math! He is such a good kid, and so far, an easy teenager! It's the other one who gives ma run for my money! Our baby is Aryn and she is 11 going on 21, and just started 6th grade. She is definately our athlete! I always wanted my daughter to be a dancer like me, and I was going to start her early. So when she turned 3, I enrolled her in lessons. It only lasted about a year and she was DONE! Turns out she likes softball! Who knew?

Since this is my first post, I am going to post some pictures from last year. But keep in mind, I am 40 pounds lighter now, and Caleb finally cut his hair!

Aryn with Smokey the Bear at Timpanogos Caves 2006

Our family after hiking to Timpanogos Caves 2006

Clark and my dad at Caleb's baseball game 2007
Me and Robb right before deployment 2007
Robb, his wife Diane, and his step kids Peyton & B.J. the day of his deployment 2007


Tiffany said...

I am proud to be your first post! It was exciting to hear from you. Yes, we are in Texas. We have been here 4 years now. I stay at home while Rhett works his tail off. He is an engineer for Shell oil. Your kids are huge! You are lucky Aryn knows what she likes to do. Isabelle just thinks she wants to do everything and won't focus on anything. Needless to say I taxi her around a lot. Sounds like Caleb will be driving before you know it. It was good to hear about Rob, I am sure you are all very proud of him. I would love to hear what you did to loose 40 lbs.

Alice Vorwaller said...

It was fun hearing from you I like hearing from people I haven't seen forever. That is funny about Shane (Angela's husband) I never heard about him getting kicked out of a game. I can see that though. That is awesome you lost 40 lbs I need to do that. I just can't get with it. I need to be like my mom and start running marathons. I saw that you do real estate. I am a loan officer in Tooele. I know what you mean about the market. Talk to you later.


Marcy said...


It's good to see what you are up to. You look great and I'm sure even better since your weight loss, way to go! Does your Mom still live in Salem?

Marcy said...

Yes I am an escrow officer in St. George. The market is so dead down here. We have one builder who uses our title company exclusively that has two developments going so that has helped at least keep our heads above water. Most of the construction is at a dead stop right now so it has been really hard for our plumbing business. Chris has had to go out of town to find work. Most of the work he has had in St. George is remodels. Hopefully by the first of next year things will get better. I am crossing my fingers and toes!

Alice Vorwaller said...

I don't hear everything that goes on down there with my family. I asked my mom about it and she said it was kind of funny. I like your new blog page set up. I finally figured out how to change mine. We will be down to Spanish Fork more this Fall because we got season tickets to the BYU Football games. My mom said she saw you running the Speedy spaniard. My mom is a running freak. She has ran so many races this summer. She is training for a marathon. Weren't we on the same softball team when we were growing up? That is cool your girl likes softball so much.

Aimee said...

Wow! So are you sold on blogs, or what? It is so awesome to catch up with everyone even though we are so spread out! I was so excited to see a comment from you! You look great.. 40lbs. or not! I can't believe how your family has grown! Does Clark still have trains? Do you still live in your same cute house in Springville? And Rob has grey hair!@! I always think of him and Cari and Scott as the "oldies" anyway. :) Keep posting so that we can keep up on each other!

Alice Vorwaller said...

Hi Mandy
Yes I think my mom is running the half marathon. I know she is running up at the swiss days 10k this weekend. My goal next year is to be running at least 10ks. I don't think I want to run marathons we will see maybe I will get the bug too because I need to shed 40 + lbs . We will have to get together next time we come down. We will be down this weekend but all the girls are going to swiss days and staying over for a girls night out, then we will be going to the BYU game. So we will be busy but next time I come down I will let you know. I would love to see you also.

April said...

Hey! How are you? I see your darling mom every now and then, but never you! Last time I saw her we were at the car wash and while we were talking the carwash turned on with her door open! I always felt bad for doing that to her. I am sure it was a mess! Yes, we are getting old. Looking at my kids remind me of that daily! Well, I will keep checking your blog to see how you are doing.

Burgie's said...

Hey Mandy,
It was great to hear form you. I feel so lost in the Bringhurst world these days. i have not seen anyone for so long. Your family is so dang cute. I am glad things are going well with you. Wow you have decided to join the world of runners. It seems to be the big thing right now. I need to do something before I get so old that I won't be able to. Oh I have to say that I loved the comment from Aimee about Scott, Cari and Rob being the old ones. I am glad she did not include me even though I am the same age as Rob and Cari. Scott however is an old man. So I have to ask how the heck did you loose 40 punds I can't even loose 5. You don;t have to publish it you can email me anytime. I would love to stay in touch.

cheers for chocolate said... how things have changed! I didn't recognize your family...blogging is really fun, if I can do it anyone can. Just check out 'cheers for chocolate'. Like the name...I love it.
(Aunt) Janeil

Richins Family said...

Hey Mandy,
How are you? Your family is so cute. I can't believe how old your kids are. I haven't seen you forever. Since I moved my mom has started to get her hair done from your mom. She says you guys are doing great. I can't believe that Caleb will be almost driving. I haven't seen him since he was little.

The Bringhurst Family said...

Mandy! I did not know you had a blog! It is great to see you! It has been too many years. I really like the picture of you and Robb - really brought back some great memories. Hope all is well for you Mandy.