Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Caleb!!

Well, it's official, Caleb's 15 and I'm getting old! I'm sure when I woke up this morning there were a few more grey hairs, and alot more wrinkles than yesterday!

I'll try not to get too mushy, but I just have to say that Caleb has grown up into an awesome person. He is an honor roll student, with his goals set to graduate high school with his associates degree. He is already 2 years ahead of his class in math, he's in honors english, and biology, and he's taking chinese. He's also in the play Fiddler on the Roof, and he's in master singers. He also wrote a short story last year, that his English teacher is trying to get published! We aren't sure where all this talent has come from (we are pretty sure he was switched in the hospital, but we aren't giving him back!).
So here are some pictures of Caleb over the years:

I was induced with Caleb the morning after this picture was taken
Just after he got out of the hospital
about 3 months old
Caleb & Dad on Christmas morning
Caleb & Aryn Halloween
Caleb & Aryn in Colorado Caleb & his best friend Jake at the Kindergarten Cafe
Caleb at Sizzler, kiwi and chicken wings, yummy!

Caleb the dinosaur
Caleb took our cat Ed to 3rd grade bring your
pet to school day, Ed didn't like it much
Caleb & Aryn
Caleb loves fishing


carolyn q said...

Happy Birthday Caleb. . .from one Libra to another! I hope your day is wonderful. I hope my boys grow to be as wonderful as you. . of course I know you are a teenager, so I am giving you the benefit of doubt. . but I know from how your parents talk of you that they are proud that you are their son!
Have a great day!

The Heaton's said...

What a cute post! What a wonderful mom you are!! I wished I looked like you the day before I delivered my kids!! WOW!! You looked great!! Caleb was the cutest little boy ever! (the pictures of when he was small remind me of Rob.) Caleb is such a wonderful and handsome guy! Congratulations on all of your achievements Caleb!!

Anonymous said...

I remember when he was born! Happy Birthday! Whooaaa that makes me feel real old!