Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So it's been awhile.......

Since summer is half over, I decided it was probably time for a new post. It's been a busy summer so far with camping, 4-wheeling, softball and work and now the kids are getting anxious to start school!

We have been able to go camping once so far, we are hoping to get out more before the snow flies! Here are some photos of our camping trip to Payson Lakes:

Clark & Ozzy by the campfire:

I was very excited because while the boys were fishing, I built my first campfire, and no one even got hurt!

Clark getting the pole ready for some fishing. The caught quite a few fish that day!

Aryn hanging out by the fire

And Caleb, always with a book or two....

Aryn played softball on a team called the Voodoo Dolls. They were quite good, and made it to tourniment, but were sadly beat out in the 4th game. They played hard, and had fun!

Aryn plays catcher for her team

And batting, wearing her "lucky" socks, pink and black stripes with skulls!

A couple of weekends ago, we got the 4-wheelers out and rode from the left hand fork of Hobblecreek to Daniels summit lodge for breakfast.

One Sunday, we decided to take a tour of one of Clark's offices (aka Diamond Fork canyon) and we discovered what he does all day at work!

I got asked to play softball with Heather from work, their team was short of players, yes, they were desperate! But I had forgotton how much fun softball is!

This picture cracked me up. A typical dinner time at our house....... At least I'm reading the instructions for the frozen dinners to them! :)

So that's our summer so far, and my goal is to be better about updating the blog!


The Heaton's said...

Sounds like you have been busy having a great summer! Thanks for the update! I really enjoy hearing about you and your family! Love the dinner picture! You make me laugh!

The Salomon's said...

Mandy that last picture is hysterical. I no longer feel guilty for the nights I skimp out on dinner!