Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Broken Kid.....

Last week I got a call from the school that every parent dreads, "Mrs. McClellan, we need you to come get Caleb and take him to the hospital."

I guess they were playing soccer in P.E. and Caleb and another boy were going for the ball at the same time when the other kid's shoulder collided with Caleb's collar bone. His collar bone lost that battle and snapped right in half. This just confirmed my belief that they should stick to measuring ball circumference and velocity in P.E. at the smart kids school and stay away from actual physical activity... :)

Once I got to the school, I found him lying on the soccer field surrounded by friends offering to make him cookies and bring him Slurpee's, AND having his head rubbed by a really cute girl. The counsellor got him all bound up and on the back of the golf cart, which was a really fun, bumpy ride, then we got him into the Jeep for another really fun, bumpy ride to the hospital where he was a very strange shade of green and telling the triage nurse the pain was a SEVEN!

The doctor came in, took one look at his collar bone and said "Yep, it's broke" . They still x-ray ed it and then put him in a sling. This is is first broken bone....

He had a really rough couple of days between the pain meds and the nausea that they caused, but we are 6 days later and he already has much more mobility and hardly any pain! He's just glad he got out of P.E. for the rest of the year!

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The Heaton's said...

Oh man! Love his facial expressions! Hope he has a speedy recovery!