Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution...

So, my New Year's resolution this year was to keep my blog up to date, yet here it is the 23rd of January and I have yet to post anything....

Well, from here on out I'm going to do better!

2010 was a great year for all of us! Caleb started the 11th grade at UCAS and Aryn is in the 8th grade at the Jr. High. So far they are both doing very well and loving school!

Over the summer and fall we were able to take a couple of vacations to our favorite place, Colorado. We took a couple of weeks in August and hit a few places. Our first stop was Mesa Verde. We love it there, so we try to stop for a couple of days every few years. Here are some pictures from Mesa Verde:


I love this picture of Caleb except he looks so grown up!

All of us after hiking up a mountain

Then we went to Chama, New Mexico. It's a really small town with a scenic railroad (of course). We found this really cool place called Brazos, it's a small community about 15 minutes from Chama that is just beautiful. We found a restaurant we all loved while we were there.

So sweet..... ;)

Everyone was really full....

Clark loves The Cumbres and Toltec railroad in Chama because they let you wander around the yard and check out all their equipment. Here is Clark and Aryn in the cab of a steam engine:

All of us!

Then we headed to our favorite place, Durango Colorado where we continued our tradition of riding the Durango and Silverton train at least once a year.


This is on the high line looking down at the Animas River

Me and Clark :)

The train stops in Silverton for lunch before you head back down the canyon. This is Caleb at Mother Clucker's (haha, I love the name) eating hot wings. He's just putting on a show, the wings weren't that hot!

Aryn, always the animal lover....

So we couldn't get the picture quite right on this next one, we weren't sure if the timer was working. But, if you're a John Wayne fan (as Clark is), this is called Katie's meadow in Ridgeway Colorado, and it's where the fighting scene from True Grit (the original) was filmed.

2010 was a fun year for me and my races. A bunch of us got together and did The Dirty Dash in Soldier Hollow. It was a 10k race with lots of obstacles and even more mud! We had a blast!

Caleb got invited to Springville high's homecoming and had a blast!

Aryn and her BFF Nina went to their Christmas formal at the Jr High

And this is our "Awkward Family Photo (check out the if you're not sure what I'm referring to)

Hope you have enjoyed catching up on our year! Hopefully 2011 won't all end up in one blog :)

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