Tuesday, July 19, 2011


July has been pretty exciting so far, we've watched a lot of softball, seen some pretty swollen cheeks and been busy in the yard.

Aryn's team played really well and made it to state this year which was held in Payson. The first game they played Lehi and beat them 26-2, but unfortunately they lost the next 2 games both to Spanish Fork teams. But they had a lot of fun, and Clark and I got a couple of days off work :)

Aryn plays catcher
And I loved her face when she was up to bat in this one

The first night there was a huge thunder and lightning storm, so they had to call the game...

Aryn got her wisdom teeth out last Friday, she wouldn't let me take any pictures, but other than a whole lot of swelling, she did great!

Also, Clark has been working on a waterfall and a garden railroad in our backyard. It's looking amazing and I will get some pictures posted soon.

And last, if you're wondering about Caleb, he got his first job this summer answering phones at UCAS, he volunteers at the Springville Art Museum, and he is taking driver's ed! He is definitely keeping busy!


The Heaton's said...

Aryn is my kind of girl! It's been a long time since I have seen your dad. I think the summer months are by far the busiest! Enjoy what is left of it!

Camille said...

Hey, just blog stalking. Be sure to follow the new SFHS class of 1993 blog for information about 20 year reunion activities.
Camille Huff Jensen