Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I paid $30 for THIS?!?!?!

So today's lesson is: Don't get a photo cd made of a roll of film when you have no idea what's on it, (or in this case, you think your children may have gotten their hands on it)! We had a couple of old rolls of film, and decided it was time to get them developed since we have had a digital camera for a couple of years now. So here are some examples of what was on the film, which I now have prints, and a cd of!

I checked this picture for snakes, animals, and bigfoot footprints, but couldn't find any!

Although a great picture of the view from our deck, I'm not sure what the toy car is all about!

This has got to be my favorite! Dead plant with toy cars! I think this could win some sort of award somewhere! If you have any ideas where I could submit it, let me know!

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The Heaton's said...

That is funny! I have found up close pictures on the digital camera of the inside of the toilet and bathroom mirror. When I ask who did it no one wants to admit it! The funny thing is I always know from the reflection in the mirror! Busted!!! Thank goodness I can just deleate them!! I also have an old roll of film that needs to be developed. Know I'm hesitant to develope it! hahaha