Saturday, February 21, 2009

Aryn's 12th Birthday!

Today Aryn is 12. The last year of peace before she is officially a teenager, ha ha ha! We are so lucky to have her, especially with the rough start she had. She was born February 21, 1997 at 4:08 in the morning. And she looked just like a mini Clark. We later found out that she had broken a rib while being born. We cringe every time we watch a home video of us hugging and squeezing her! When she was just 13 days old she was admitted back to the hospital with a bad case of RSV after she quit breathing completely. Here oxygen levels were so low that the second they put her on oxygen you could see her color change. The doctors told us if we were lucky we brought her in when we did, because she probably wouldn't have survived the night. She was hospitalized for 5 days, and has no complications from it. She has been healthy and happy since then! Aryn LOVES the Twilight series and is anxiously awaiting it's release to dvd next month. She does great in school, and has lots of friends. She loves to run and ride her bike, and play softball. And most of all she loves animals. She has such a soft spot for all of them, just like her dad. Here are some pictures of her 12 years so far....

She was about 6 months old in these:

One year old:
When she was 1, she placed 3rd in the Art City Days baby contest:
About 3 years old:

Aryn & her second cousin Lexi:

She loves camping and fishing, but doesn't like hiking much:

She love her dog Durango:

She was about 10 here:

And last night she had her birthday party, here are some of the pictures:

Happy Birthday Bear!


The Heaton's said...

What sweet pictures! She is a beautiful girl! I am glad she was able to recover from all those scary things as an infaant! Happy Birthday Aryn!

carolyn q said...

Though I am late, Happy Birthday Aryn! WOW, being 12, not that I want to go back to that age again, but how exciting that you are a teenager. From looking at your baby pictures, you were a beautiful baby so it's no suprise that you are becoming a amazing young woman.
By the way, the skirt looked cuter on you than it ever did on me! I am glad you could use it.

Anonymous said...

ohhh i remember when she was born! happy birthday Aryn!