Saturday, February 14, 2009

Aryn's sock hop

Aryn's first blog:

On Friday the 13Th I had a sock hop and the first thing i did was run down to pick up my best friend charlamane and we were still in our pj's and we spent an hour getting ready because we had to dress up like we were from the fifties and then we were running late so my mom gave us a ride and then we were so excited but we had to wait though the spelling bee, reading groups, keyboarding and then it was finally lunch time and we were so happy it was so funny because me and chance and charlamane and chandler saw all these boys singing on the playground and then the bell finally rang and we went in and pass out the Valentine cards and then it was the sock hop and me and charlamane and chance and chandler went to the drive in movie(our class room ) and watch i love Lucy and then went to musical records then hula hoop contest then karaoke then hand jive then dessert chandler shoved a whole sugar Cookie down in his mouth then we went to root beer floats and i got two scoops of ice cream and i shoved both down in two bites then we went to the last one the bubble gum blowing contest and then the day ended.

Me & Charlamane:

Chandler, Sergio, Chance, Charlamane & Me:


The girls & the annoying singing boys:

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Linda said...

I had to get updated on all that is happening with you family. :) It looks like Aryn had a lot of fun and she is quite the photographer! Mandy you are awesome and inspire me to get back into running. You look awesome!