Sunday, February 21, 2010

And she's a teenager.......

Today is Aryn's 13th birthday! I know it's said all the time, but I can't believe how time flies! It seems like just yesterday that Clark and I were bringing her home from the hospital. I can't imagine my life without her, she is growing up to be such an amazing girl, and we are so proud of her!

This past year has brought a lot of firsts. She made her first Jr High honor roll, had her first babysitting job,

Made new friends,

Went to her first Jr High formal dance,

Had her first boyfriend,

And her second..... :)

And discovered a whole new sense of fashion

Happy birthday sweetie, you will always be our baby bear!

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The Heaton's said...

Happy Birthday! There is no way she can be a teenager already! What a cute girl!